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REVIEW: Lockshop's New Bohemian Style + My Other Wigs + Wig Wishlist

 Hi everyone! Today I'm going to be writing a review for one of Lockshop Wigs' newest styles, "Bohemian." This post will also include mini reviews of the two other wigs from Lockshop that I own, and I will also include my wish list items. Read more about it after the break!

Lockshop is a European wig company, which specializes in Lolita  Gyaru wigs.  Here is a link to the store!  They recently released a new style called "Bohemian" I fell in love with the color honey, and I ordered the wig later that week.

✧Bohemian Honey


This wig costs about 35,95 Euros, which is approximately 41 USD.  I ordered this wig with a large group, so I didn't pay anything for shipping!  I believe this is a very reasonable price, and it's standard among most wigs. 

Our group placed our order on June 26th. Our order came in on July 23rd; almost a month later. This is a rather long time compared to my past experiences with ordering from them, which would usually take about two weeks. I'm not sure if it was the sheer size of the order, or if it was problems with their computer system or stock, but we did receive the wigs in a reasonable amount of time.  The order came in a large box; I don't have any photo of it since I wasn't the one who placed the group order. I picked up my wig from my friend's house a few days after its arrival.

As is standard for most of the wigs I've ever ordered, it came inside of temporary netting surrounded by a cardboard ring. The cardboard is to help protect the shape and curls of the wig, and it is also temporary. There was a tag attached to the cap of the wig, and the whole thing was placed inside of a plastic bag for safe keeping.  I'm very happy with how the wig was packaged with care.

It's easier to see the netting the wig came in in this photo. I was also pleased to see that it came with a wig cap and hair ties.  This was a very nice addition.  I love getting new wig caps; It seems like I can never get enough! Does anyone else have trouble finding wig caps only when they need them? 

I removed the wig from its net and breathed some life into it. 

This was another nice addition to the packaging: crumpled paper stuffed into the wig base to help maintain its round shape, and not get squished.  I think that this is very thoughtful.

It's so long! This is now the longest wig that I own.  It was hard to get the whole wig to fit into one frame. A closer look at the fibers reveals that there are many colors mixed together as opposed to one flat color. This makes the wig look more realistic.  The top of the wig looked very nice and I could not see the wig cap at all.The fibers felt very soft and natural. I'm very pleased at the quality so far.  

A peek inside the wig cap reveals a tag saying "Lockshop Wigs" and a series of hooks and loops which allows the wearer to adjust the size of the wig to his or her own head. This is standard of all of the wigs I've ever owned, or seen, for that matter. 

This is how it looks on a wig stand. I like to keep my wigs on stands because it keeps them aired out, and it maintains their shape best. Plus, I think the display looks nice. This wig is no exception, except you can see that it's already becoming tangled, even though the only thing I had done to it was take it out of the packing and place it on the stand at this point. Since it is a very long wig, I expected this to happen, so I had my wide tooth comb ready.

This is how the wig frames my face. The bangs are very long so for the time being I clipped them up with a hair clip. I'm really liking the way the color compliments me. 

The length did not disappoint! This wig is very very long and reaches almost to my hips.  I feel like some kind of fairy when wearing this wig. I think this wig suits me well, and I can't wait to plan outfits around it! 

✧Mini Reviews

The first wig I ever bought from lockshop was Sweetheart Royal Brown.  Here's how it looks like on me!

This is my absolute favorite wig of all time! I believe that the Sweetheart style is the best style that Lockshop has ever put out. It looks great on everyone, and it makes for a great first wig for anyone that is just starting out.  I feel like it could be used from causal J-fashion to elegant Classic Lolita fashion. The royal brown color really fits my skin tone (maybe because it's similar to my natural hair color).  I trimmed the bangs to be a bit side swept, instead of blunt, and they look very cute and natural. This wig costs 32,95 Euros (about 37 USD). It has a very nice price. I've worn it out now two or three times. I even wore it to a concert where I was dancing, and it never slipped even a little bit, and it's not tangled or ratty or anything! I highly recommend the Sweetheart style in any color for everyone. 

My second wig from Lockshop was Mermaid Faerie.  Here's how it looks like on me! 

I bought this wig for a specific coordinate because I just love the color.  The mermaid wig is one of Lockshop's most popular styles, and I can see why. The Faerie color is a slight ombre from a regular to a more platinum blonde.  Unlike the model's, I cut my wig to have blunt bangs. I think it looks super cute! I love the blunt bangs style.  When I first got it, I was a little uneasy about the way it looked on me; I had never seen myself with such bright blonde hair before. I took some getting used to, but I eventually grew to love the way it looked.  This wig costs 38,95 Euros (about 44 dollars). I assume the extra charge is because of the ombre color.  I have worn this wig a total of two times, and it is still as beautiful looking as the day I bought it. 

✧Wigs Wish List

These are wigs that I don't own - yet. 

Angelic Ginger

Cascade Pink Fade

Mermaid Gunmetal 
Mermaid Flax

Muse Royal Brown

Premium Collection Coven

I bet you weren't expecting this! My first ever order from Lockshop was actually something a bit more unexpected - their tights! I will be the first to admit that it's a bit strange for a wig company to offer tights as well, but I found a cute style that I liked.  I ordered the "Marie Catoinette" tights.

I thought that the name itself was very cute and clever. I had also read that Lockshop's tights were good for taller girls (I'm 5'7"), so I decided I would give them a shot. 

This picture is from my Instagram (@mahou.prism) that I took many months ago.  The print was solid and very cute.  Also, these tights were exceptionally soft. The picture looks a bit yellow from the lighting, but they are actually white. When I put them on, the print stays in tact. I've worn these tights out a few times, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them. They're are so cute and affordable too! These cost 20 Euros (about 23 USD). However, I bought these during a half-off sale, so I didn't pay very much at all for them.  

Thank you all very much! I hope I informed you all about Lockshop Wigs' packaging, quality, and style. Maybe this will influence your next order from them.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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