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Mechacon 2015: My Experience

Photo by Twootie
Hi everyone! I'm back again with another Mechacon 2015 post. This time I will be going more in-depth about my experience at the convention. Read more about it after the break!

Mechacon takes place at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.  We arrived at the Hilton on Thursday afternoon. It's a really nice hotel. I stayed with my best friend and her parents on the Executive level. The room was very nice and spacious, and the bathtub was incredible!  We grabbed our badges that night; the line was not very long, and I only had to wait a few minutes before receiving mine.

♬ Friday 

My main goal for the weekend was to help my best friend, Erinne, with her artist alley table, Twootie Tarte. We woke up early on Friday morning to begin setting up her table.  I didn't wear anything special on Friday, so I didn't get any outfit shots. I did happen to be wearing a cute wig and flower crown, so have a selfie!

We loaded up her wagon with supplies and her stock of items and lugged everything downstairs to the second floor. Since I was her designated helper, I was supposed to be able to enter the artist alley before opening in order to set up the table.  The woman checking our badges, however, would not let me in because I only had a basic 3-day pass.  This was a big problem for our schedule, so we approached one of the main staff of the convention and explained the situation to them. She escorted us to the artist alley again and informed the person who was checking our badges that I was allowed in if I had Erinne's permission.  What a relief! This was the only bad experience with convention staff that I had. The two of us set out all of the products, and the display looked so cute!

After we finished setting up, I ran downstairs to get in line for the dealer's room. I had to quickly get to the booth for Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, so I could pick up my brand accessory for the tea party.  I waited in line for about an hour, but I made a new friend with a cosplayer named Haley (check out her cosplay page, here!) who was standing behind me.  I also was able to catch up with a few other friends who came over when they saw me in line.  When it finally opened, there was a mad rush to get in, so I'm lucky I got in line so early. I ran to the opposite side of the room to the booth and managed to pick up an adorable white hair clip and a floral pen. It was crazy busy there, but I managed to quickly pay and return to the artist alley. The rest of the day we sold lots of products! Learning how to sell someone else's products was difficult to learn, but I think I did okay.  Later on, we attended the Lolita swap meet. Everyone had some really nice things to sell, and I managed to nab a Loris heart bag in brown. I didn't have anything to sell but that didn't stop me from engaging in conversation and enjoying everyone's company. That evening we attended the formal ball.  There really is not much to say about it; we did not stay for long. The music was not very good, except for a few k-pop songs that I actually recognized.

♪ Saturday 

Saturday was the busiest, and the longest, day by far.  I wore shironuri for the first time, so I was really nervous! However, I received a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism so it was all worth it.  I really hope to continue doing shironuri makeup and outfits, so I can get better.  This is Erinne and I's selfie and a silly still from her music video, they are now some of my favorite pictures.

Photo by Twootie

Still from Twootie's music video

I worked at the table for a couple of hours, while Erinne was getting ready for the community fashion show.  She gave me her video camera, and with the help of a few friends, I was able to get into the fashion show early and score a seat in the front row.  The show was called Phantasmagoria, and it had a carnival/fairy-tale theme to it. It was really well thought out and a very good story.  It was really fun to see many of my friends come together to create a beautiful and entertaining show.  I have no complaints except that my arm got tired while filming ;).

Photo by Twootie

I worked at the table a bit longer, then packed it all up for the day. We returned to the room and changed back into regular clothes.  I was able to browse the dealer's room a bit more as well and buy some more things. I ate a delicious dinner with Erinne's parents, then Erinne and I made our way to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates fashion show.  The line was long, but we met a few friends who were waiting as well, so it definitely wasn't boring.  We weren't first in line or anything, but by some stroke of good luck, My friends and I managed to get seats in the first row, again!  I took a lot of pictures of the show, and everyone looked so pretty!

When the fashion show was over, we went back to the hotel room so Erinne could change into her costume.  After that we met up with a group of friends and were able to hang out for a bit, then we headed off to the house party. I made a bunch of new friends on Saturday night!  The house party was fun, but the music wasn't all that awesome. We did do a lot of dancing though. 

♡ Sunday 

Ah, the last day. Erinne and I were very tired from being up so late the previous night, but we powered through it and went to go set up the artist alley table one last time.  I stayed at the table while she went upstairs to change into her coordinate for the tea party, and then we exchanged places, and I went to go get changed.  I wore one of my first brand pieces, Drained Cherry from Angelic Pretty.

Here's my coord rundown:

JSK, hairclip, brooch, socks, ring: Angelic Pretty
Other Hairclip: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Wig: Lockshop's Mermaid Faerie
Blouse: The Floral Notebook
Necklace: Metamorphose temps de fille
Shoes: Bodyline
Cherry Basket: handmade by me

The name of the tea party was Crown & Cutlass! All of the decorations were pirate themed and just so cute. The group at our table was so great! Everyone enjoyed nice conversation and enjoyed the food and drink. I met a lot of new friends. It was fun coming out of my shell, because I'm usually very introverted. Here's a picture of our table, as well as our group photo with the brand guests.

Photo by Alexis Interiano

Photo by Brittany Rae

We played a game of bingo with rhinestones, and afterward I used a bit of lash glue to attach some of them to my face as a bit of a joke.  We also played a game where you couldn't say the word "like" in your conversation. I lost almost immediately; I knew I wouldn't, like, last very long!   For food, we had finger sandwiches and yummy desserts. Everything was really delicious, and there was enough for everybody, even to have seconds.  I chose a tuna and a turkey sandwich, and for dessert, a blackberry custard dessert with a chocolate sauce. For tea, I had an English black tea with lots of lemon, my favorite.

There was a raffle toward the end of the event. Each person had a cork with a number written on it. Each of the sponsors donated a prize, and ironically, I won some Twootie Tarte products. It was really ironic after having worked at the artist alley booth all weekend. I received a solid perfume and bubble bar, they were so cute and smelled so good!  

At the end of the tea party, we changed clothes again and ate dinner.  Erinne's mother packed up the table early since it was a slow day. Sunday was very fun. and it was probably my favorite day out of all three. 

We slept in on Monday morning. After which we packed up all of our wigs and frills and headed home. I was glad to be home to be able to sleep in my own bed and snuggle with my cats after being away.  I didn't look forward to unpacking though, so I took a nap!

☁ Conclusion 

I had a very fun, exciting, and exhausting time and Mechacon 2015.  Working in the artist alley was a definite learning experience, and it was so so tiring.  I had the most fun hanging out with friends and meeting new people, and being able to dress up.  My favorite experience was definitely the tea party. I had such a great time there for sure!  As far as regrets, I wish I could have attended at least one panel and had done more shopping in the dealer's room and artist alley.  I also I should have brought more headache medicine; I wore wigs all week and had a massive headache after getting home.  All in all though, Mechacon is a convention that is certainly worth going to. I can't wait until next year's convention!

Thanks for reading my post!


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