Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mechacon 2015: What I Got

Hi everyone! I recently attended Mechacon 2015 this past weekend. It was was first anime convention so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had fun. I will make a separate post about my experience. This one, however, will be about what I received. Check out the pictures and everything after the break!

The first things I bought were from the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright booth in the dealer's room.  I needed to wear something from the brand in order to attend the tea party, so I picked up this adorable hair clip. I also got a pen, because I collect pens. 

The next things I got are these adorably cute hair clips from Pleasantly Strange in the artist alley! Pleasantly Strange makes adorable plushies and clips such as these, you can check out their tumblr here!  I wore these cute felt hair clips almost all weekend, especially the strawberry ones which are my favorite. 

Next I purchased a nendoroid of the character Menma from the anime Anohana. I had never owned an anime figure before so this was a bit of an impulse buy, but I really love her. I like how she comes with many different arms, props, and faces so you can customize her however you like. 

Of course I put her together right away. I chose to let her hold her favorite muffin bread.

The next things I bought from the artist alley are these super cute pins from MintyMix! MintyMix makes split wigs and cute accessories.  Check out the shop here! I bought the king cake pin because I grew up in New Orleans, and I have fun an nostalgic memories with king cake.  The other pin has an image of two Gameboy Color games. Ironically, I remember playing both of these games from my childhood: Hamtaro: Ham-Ham's Unite! and Kirby Tilt-n-Tumble. I would have to say that this was a really big nostalgia buy for me.

My next artist alley find was a super cute print of Callie and Marie, the squid sisters from the game Splatoon on the WiiU. I love Splatoon! It is such a cute and fun game, but it's also very competitive. The artist who designed this, Chiou (find her deviantart, here!), had lots of other fun and cute prints but I had to limit myself to just one! I'm glad I chose this one.

At the brand tea party, the guests received some gifts. Two of which were post cards from Alice and the Pirates and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. You were technically only supposed to have one, but I cheated a bit and picked up my second one from the dealer's room table. The next gift was the tea program. The front is a drawing done by one of the girls in our community, while the back has the sponsors of the tea party listed.  The last gift was a necklace.

The necklace is a really pretty gold crown! It matched the theme of our tea party, and I really like it.  

At the tea party, I won some products from my best friend's bath business, Twootie Tarte. Twootie Tarte makes all kinds of bath products, check them out here! I received a solid perfume and a bubble bar (that I used in the hotel's bath!) I also bought a Donkey Kong bubble bar. It smells like dark chocolate and banana. Yum!

Last but not least, I attended a lolita swap meet and got my hands on this really pretty chocolate brown, heart-shaped Loris bag.  I don't own any chocolate in my wardrobe yet, but I ended up using this bag the very next day, so it ended up being a blessing in disguise! I think I could also use this bag outside of lolita as well.

Thanks for reading my post! <3

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