Thursday, August 27, 2015

Celebrating: Happy Birthday Erinne & Megan!

Hi everyone! Over the past few days I have taken part in two separate birthday celebrations, each of them at one of my favorite places.  Read more about it after the break!

Last weekend was my dearest friend's birthday, so for her present I decided to treat her to a meal at one of our favorite places, the English Tea Room.  This quaint little house is nestled between the trees in the historic downtown district of my town.  It almost seems as if you could easily miss it if it weren't for the British flags and other decorations in the front of the building.

This telephone booth is great for taking photos! 

This post in painted in the style of van Gogh's "Starry Night."  Inside they post different works of poetry about tea. 

These steps decorated by lions and British flags lead of to the porch and into the front door.  The outside of the building has such a cozy and cute atmosphere.

Erinne and I were seated inside of one of the smaller, more private rooms. Our table even had a couch! We were finally ready to order.  The menu has a huge amount of freshly brewed teas and delicious English foods to choose from. On this day however, we choose to get pb&j because we would be getting a bigger meal later on.  Erinne got the blue eyes tea, and I got their midsummer's peach tea. It was very refreshing! The both of us also got vanilla and chocolate chip scones - our favorite!

The table even have cute fun facts and pictures printed underneath the glass tabletop.  The floral tableware is so cute and we always get a matching cup and saucer whenever we get our tea.

The outside of the building also has some very nice scenes for taking photos. Each of us wore a really cute coord for that day. Here is what Erinne wore! 

Her coords are usually Angelic Pretty. 

I wore a cute dress from Bodyline as well as offbrand, Metamorphose, and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright accessories. I braided my new Lockshop Bohemian Honey wig and it turned out really cute!  

We left the tea room and then started preparing for Erinne's birthday party! Erinne's favorite thing is a bath company called LUSH, so I baked her a homemade birthday cake made to look like her favorite "flosty gritter" bubble bar. See how its all shimmery? I used edible glitter to give it that look!


It was held at a Japanese restaurant in the city called Little Tokyo.  Erinne rented out a large karaoke room.  There were a lot of people there and we all spent the night, singing, eating cake, and spending time with each other.  I had a lot of fun. Little Tokyo also has the best pork tonkatsu ramen I've ever eaten!

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

The following Tuesday, our Lolita fashion community came together to throw a surprise birthday party for our friend, Megan.  It was also held at the English Tea Room! She thought it was just going to be her, her wife, and a close friend, but she was so surprised when she walked in and everyone was there! 

Just look at that face! Here are some more pictures of the event. 

I ordered the scotch egg. I couldn't resist taking a bit before snapping a picture; it was so delicious! 

Erinne had a dish called "The Earl of Sandwich" and she ordered all strawberry cream cheese sandwiches! She even let me have one, it was so yummy! 

Thanks for having me, English Tea Room! I love this place and I know I'll be coming back for years to come. Also, Happy Birthday Erinne and Megan! 

Thanks for reading this blog post!


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